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Lab Testing Specialist

Vinu Ganti, MD

Internists located in Germantown, MD

In some cases, your symptoms alone aren’t enough to identify your health condition or show the effectiveness of your treatment. Consequently, Vinu Ganti, MD, provides lab testing onsite at his private practice in Germantown, Maryland. To find out if you need lab testing as part of your diagnosis or ongoing treatment, call Vinu Ganti, MD, or book an appointment online today.

Lab Testing Q&A

What is lab testing?

Lab testing provides a way for Dr. Ganti to gain in-depth information about your health and the way your body functions. Dr. Ganti might request lab testing if he notices anything abnormal during your physical examination or if you have a chronic condition that he needs to monitor over time. 

Some common reasons for lab testing are:

  • Diagnosing disease
  • Diagnosing allergies or sensitivities
  • Planning an effective treatment
  • Seeing if a treatment is working
  • Monitoring a disease’s progression over time

Dr. Ganti’s office makes lab testing easy. You don’t have to go to a third-party lab testing facility or book a separate appointment. In many cases, you can complete your lab test on the same day as your initial appointment. Dr. Ganti can describe the lab test you need, so you know what to expect and what the results could indicate. 

How do lab tests work?

During a lab test, a lab technician or the onsite phlebotomist takes a sample of one of your bodily fluids or tissues and tests it using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. Dr. Ganti might request one of these tests as part of your diagnosis or monitoring:

Blood testing

Characteristics of your blood show a lot of information about your health and functioning. Dr. Ganti might recommend getting a blood test to check cell counts, chemical makeup, or genetic factors. Common blood tests are blood glucose testing for diabetes and cholesterol tests. 


Dr. Ganti might recommend a urinalysis, or a test of a sample of your urine, to check for proteins, bacteria, or blood cells. A urinalysis can help diagnose an infection, such as a urinary tract infection, kidney problem, or cardiovascular issue.


A biopsy is a test of some of your bodily tissues. Dr. Ganti might request that you get a biopsy to test skin or tissue cells with unusual changes or features, often for skin cancer. 

What happens when I get my lab results?

With in-house lab testing from Dr. Ganti, you can get your results within days. As soon as they’re available, Dr. Ganti contacts you and helps you interpret your results. If you’ve had similar testing before, he compares your current results to past results from the same test. 

If your results indicate that you have an underlying health issue or complication, he uses them to plan your treatment or adjust your treatment as necessary. Dr. Ganti takes your overall health and certain features like your age, sex, and race into account while interpreting your results.

To find out more about lab testing, book your consultation by calling Vinu Ganti, MD, or using the online booking tool today.